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Sunday, October 24, 2004



Thank you for the link. I can read the first line "Catastrophe in Japan" but I must admit that I can't speak French well. Again thanks and reagrdless of the negative feeling towards the French that the Bush administration tries to emit most of us Americans value our friendship with you.


I can't believe it's the first time that a shinkansen has been derailed. It's even more miraculous that no-one was killed. Did the train just skid along and not overturn?That shinkansen was so unlucky to be so close to the epicentre.

When I travelled to Kyoto from Tokyo by shinkansen I was lucky enough to be sitting on the right side by the window. Unfortunately due to the weather the view of Mt. Fuji wasn't great. Even so, every time I see it I am simply amazed by it.


From the information that I was able to gather the train mostly skided along the tracks, eight out of ten cars were derailed. The part that sucks is that everyone had to walk back to the station - oh well at least the lived.


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